Does your android device need a VPN?

Does your android device need a VPN

By far, Android is the most popular mobile platform used in smart mobile devices such as smartphones, tabs etc. All of these devices frequently get connected to internet due to one reason or another. Compared to computers, these handheld devices contain larger amount of sensitive personal information such as credit card information, chat messages, photos etc. Therefore, android device users should take special methods in terms of security.

Most of the time, android users come across public networks that are available in coffee shops, airports, malls, restaurants and many other places. These networks are very poor in terms of security; particularly because they are open to everyone. In addition to that, even the mobile networks can become pretty unsecure at times. When connected to unsecure networks, your android device can expose your personal information to third parties and cause highly unpleasant consequences.

Consequences of been connected to an unsecure network

– Third parties can modify the settings of your android device
– Highly sensitive personal information will be exposed to third parties
– Third parties can and will use your account for unethical purposes
– Overall, your privacy will be challenged from various fronts

What is the safe way of using an android device?

Although virus guards can offer some sort of protection to your android devices, it might not be safe enough to be protected from experienced intruders. This is where you will need the assistance of a VPN. Having considered the amount of threats present on the internet today, using a VPN has become a very important move for all the android users.

Things an android user can experience with VPN

When a VPN is established on your Android device, you will start to experience the following benefits immediately.

User anonymity

If you have a VPN, you can confidently connect to any public network; none of the hackers will be able to track down your online activities. All the date sent to and from your android device will be encrypted for added safety. Your credit card information, chat records, messages and emails will be far from the reach of the intruders.

– Unrestricted accessibility

When using a VPN, you can simply bypass the restrictions applied on the networks. With such approach, you will be able to access websites at your will and download content without getting restricted.

– Uncompromised privacy

One of the most notable benefits associated with VPNs is uncompromised privacy. Prestigious VPN services don’t keep your traces and help you to perform internet searches without necessarily leaving any traces.

Some entertainment aspects such as TV shows and online movies are broadcasted with restrictions (they are available to some countries only). If you come across such restricted streaming, you can overcome it pretty easily using a VPN, no matter in which location you live. Such approach becomes possible because VPNs can effectively mask your original IP address and grant you a virtual IP address probably from anywhere in the world.